Repatriation Services

Losing you loved one is hard enough, but if the deceased is needing to travel to get to their final resting place then we can help.
We are a team of dedicated professionals who will act in a dignified and efficient manor to ensure that all repatriation requirements are fulfilled and completed with the utmost of care and satisfaction.
We have many years experience in arranging and conducting international funerals and repatriating deceased persons to or from their country of origin.

Repatriation is the process of returning a person to their place of origin or citizenship.

International Repatriation Services

Outbound Repatriation

We are one of Yorkshire’s leading repatriation specialists. We are trusted by and have formed close working relationships with many communities, private clients and funeral directors across the UK.
We can arrange all aspects of the outbound repatriation and can facilitate the transfer of the deceased to an international funeral director or family representative by air, road or sea.

Inbound Repatriation

When someone dies outside of the UK, insurance companies will often appoint a repatriation specialist to act on their behalf to handle the repatriation arrangements. However, what happens if the deceased wasn’t insured or their insurance is invalid?

We have many years experience of arranging repatriations into the UK from countries across the world. We will handle every aspect of the repatriation and arrange the transfer of the deceased to your nominated UK funeral director. Alternatively, as an experienced independent funeral service we can conduct the funeral service in the UK.

Our international services includes:

  • Professional repatriation service to / from the UK to any country
  • Provision of private ambulance service
  • Liaison with hospitals, doctors, nursing homes, airlines, HM Coroners etc.
  • Transfer of the deceased from / to any location in the UK
  • Use of private Chapel of Rest prior to repatriation
  • Embalming and hygiene treatment in accordance with airline/transport regulations
  • Mortuary facilities for religious washing etc.
  • Comprehensive range of repatriation coffins and caskets
  • Transfer of the deceased to any airport/seaport in the UK
  • Embassy, Foreign Office and Consulate visits (if required)
  • Booking and confirmation of flights / sea crossings
  • Liaison with international funeral directors
  • Funeral service prior to repatriation
  • Customs clearance
  • Provision of hearse and limousine(s) prior to repatriation (if required)
  • Translation of official documents
  • Provision of floral arrangements
  • Placing of obituary notices

UK Collection and Transfer Services

We can also arrange the collection and transfer of the deceased from/to anywhere in the UK. Our services include:

  • Arranging and collecting cremation certificates
  • Provision of private ambulance service
  • Transfer of deceased from place of death to our premises or any nominated funeral director anywhere in the UK
  • Comprehensive range of repatriation coffins and caskets (if required)
  • Embalming and hygienic treatment

For more immediate care and attention or to request information, please contact us on 0113 257 0542.